Artist Statement

I like to create pictures. I love the smell of oil
paint; the texture and tension of the canvas; the
hardness and softness of the brush; and the color
and consistency of the oils.
For me, the process of creating an artwork is like
a journey to a distant country from which I come
back with a magical gift intended to please the
eye. Each painting embodies a little piece of my
life, a piece of my experiences.
The View of an artist is very different from the
view of other people. I love decorative elements,
bright colors and interesting compositions. Even
involuntarily I draw my attention to them in
ordinary life. Often it is how ideas for my
paintings are born – at first they are embodied to
sketches, and then transferred to a large canvas.
Sometimes just a plant in a pot on a windowsill
next to a watering can or some droplets on a
window glass may be enough to create a concept.
Although my inspiration originates in nature, I
gladly and gratefully enjoy the right not to follow
and worship it blindly, not to be its slave.

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